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Teach you how to save fuel

Teach you motorcycle how to save fuel: good maintenance and car habits


1. Clean or replace the air filter on time to ensure the engine air-fuel ratio is normal. You can not rigidly follow the cycle of cleaning or replacing the air filter as indicated on your Motorcycle Care Manual because of the differences in the area and motorcycle. If your motorcycle environment and good air quality, air filter can be extended to extend the cycle of cleaning and replacement. If your motorcycle is in a harsh environment, you must always check, clean or replace the air filter (observe the cleanliness and breathability of the air filter surface), the air flow rate of the air filter element decreases after overuse, resulting in the mixing ratio Concentrated or not normal and oil. Of course, you do not need to change too often, unless you are rich.

       Regular maintenance of the fuel supply system (carburetor or EFI), Mars plug often clean, regular replacement. To go to a professional repair shop to carry out the above cleaning and debugging, unless you are skilled in this road. CAUTION: TO USE ELECTROSTATIC THROTTLE CLEANER FOR CLEAN ELECTROSTATIC THROTTLE TOUCH DO NOT USE CLEAN AGENTS, such as carburetor cleaners, which will damage the rubber fittings inside the EFI damper.

       3 on time, according to the season to replace the correct model of oil and oil filters to reduce friction within the motorcycle engine. The correct amount of oil filling is also a key link, filling too much or too little will cause varying degrees and motorcycle engine damage, will also increase the amount of fuel. (Information about the oil is not elaborate here)

       4. According to motorcycle compression ratio selection of the correct label of gasoline, in principle, the engine compression ratio greater than 10: 1 95 # gasoline, otherwise easily lead to engine damage (carbon deposition) or power difference, but also increase fuel consumption.

       5. Check the motorcycle fuel pipeline leaks or blocked, such as the fuel tank cap is closed, the fuel pipeline connection and aging, gasoline filling is not over, in order to avoid gasoline spillage (motorcycle fuel tank basically has oil spill design).

       6. Regularly check the various parts of the motorcycle lubrication, such as the front and rear axles, bearings, extend the service life of motorcycles while reducing friction loss, to achieve the purpose of saving fuel.

       7. Regularly check, lubricate and adjust the motorcycle transmission chain to maintain the chain of normal tightness and degree of lubrication. Scooters on the Pulley plate, Puli Zhu, belts, bowls and clutch friction block for regular inspection, adjustment and replacement. As far as possible to achieve motorcycle power transmission to maximize and reduce transmission friction.

       8. In addition to long-distance car or special needs, refueling full tank of fuel (reduce the motorcycle load), with the use of regular increase to maintain normal use of oil can be.

       9. Tires should maintain normal tire pressure (refer to motorcycle manual or tire side logo values), lack of tire pressure will lead to increased fuel consumption; tire pressure is too high will reduce the tire grip, and the possibility of a flat tire.

       10. Try to reduce the truck load, reduce additional equipment, reduce motorcycle load. The driver's own factors should also be considered, of which the load of 50 kg and the load of 200 kg are absolutely different in terms of fuel consumption. Large peach jokes suggest that you lose weight, less with men.

       11. Motorcycle engine to start as soon as possible after the start time (you can not start the engine and people talk long), but before the winter engine preheating is a must.

       12. Regularly check and clean the engine cooling system, such as water tanks, antifreeze, oil cooler, cylinder head heat sink, so that the engine to maintain normal operating temperature.





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