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Plating rust and other renovation tips

Motorcycles, bicycles electroplating pieces (chrome or galvanized), if due to wear and erosion by water vapor, rust will be varying degrees of serious rusty stains, with the general method is difficult to remove, both affect the appearance and Damaged parts. Described below does not corrode the coating and the effect of good rust removal method.

       First, put the same amount of ammonium acetate in water, to be fully dissolved and heated to about 70cC; with a soft cloth moistened with foot solution scrub the rust site until the rust disappears; and then used to wipe off the residual solution, plating pieces will be as ever as bright. Small parts can also be soaked in solution for a while, remove and dry, you can achieve the same effect. Finally, wipe a little oil with a dry cloth.

       After the above treatment, plating pieces can not only restore the original luster, and long-term remains unchanged. Rusty parts due to falling off of the coating can also be removed by this method, but no gloss characteristic of the plating surface appears. Ammonium acetate is a white powdery crystal that is available at chemical shops.


Clever addition to the old decals

       In the motorcycle repair work, some car decals often become old and become harsh, but you are very difficult to peel it off. Here is a way, that is, the first decal with blisters about 301min time to make it moist, and then use the eraser drawing a little detergent solution, rub the decal, after a while, decals and some dirt was rubbed The bar falls. Then rinse the surface of the car with water.


Oil drum seal a law

       At present, most motorcycle users are wearing plastic bucket of gasoline, the plastic bucket is affordable, but also more convenient. However, the lid is often sealed, gasoline is volatile, causing waste and insecurity. My solution to the problem is: Before covering the lid, first coat the lid with a convenient plastic bag, and then tighten the lid. In order to check the seal is good, can squeeze the plastic bucket by hand, if no leakage of gas that is sealed lid.



Non-metallic parts cleaning

       In the motorcycle maintenance, often encountered some non-metallic parts need to be cleaned. These parts can not be cleaned with kerosene, diesel, gasoline and metal cleaning agents that clean metal parts, otherwise they will cause deterioration and failure. The cleaning method should be determined according to the material of the part.

(1) Rubber parts, the use of alcohol cleaning.

(2) Foam parts, washing detergent or soapy water.

(3) leather parts should not be washed with any cleaning fluid, wipe with a cloth.

(4) paper parts can not be washed with water, brush brush, or kerosene, diesel cleaning.

(5) Clutch friction plate, brake shoe friction plate can not be kerosene, diesel, alkali solution cleaning, the application of gasoline brush.





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