Must see: Motorcycle brake technology seven essentials and six skills

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(Summary description)Goodtechnology     Nothowhighspeed     Nothowfastcornering     Andthatis     Cannotusetheshortestpossibletime     stop     Notinthesamesection     Brakingskillsarethesameforallmodels     Accordingtodi

Must see: Motorcycle brake technology seven essentials and six skills

(Summary description)Goodtechnology     Nothowhighspeed     Nothowfastcornering     Andthatis     Cannotusetheshortestpossibletime     stop     Notinthesamesection     Brakingskillsarethesameforallmodels     Accordingtodi

  • Categories:Company news
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  • Time of issue:2018-01-23
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Good technology


       Not how high speed


       Not how fast cornering


       And that is


       Can not use the shortest possible time




       Not in the same section


       Braking skills are the same for all models


       According to different models


       Braking skills are also different


       But some technologies and knowledge are common


       Today we talk about


       How to use front and rear brakes?


       What kind of road conditions


       What kind of brake skills?


       Brakes (seven essentials):


       ▲: The front brake is faster than the rear brake.


       ▲: The front brake is safer than the rear brake.


       ▲: Two-wheel brake brake faster than a wheel.


       ▲: dry brake braking faster than wetland.


       ▲: asphalt pavement faster than the cement pavement.


       ▲: Please do not try to brake.


       ▲: It is best not to brake in corners.


       (Seven essentials) Explanation:


       1, braking while driving, the rear wheels can not give you enough friction to stop you faster, and the front wheels can, because the use of the front brake when driving will change the inertia of the car into a downward Force, then, the front wheel will get more friction than the rear, which will stop faster.


       2, to the road clean, body upright, for example, especially when the high-speed brake is easy to rear wheel lock, resulting in skidding. The front wheel as long as you do not have big outrageous power, will not have a slippery.


       3, with two brakes is definitely faster than using only one brake.


       4, Dry pavement brakes faster than paved roads because water forms a water film between the tire and the ground, and the water film reduces the friction between the tire and the ground.


       5, asphalt pavement rough than the cement pavement, so the asphalt pavement compared to the friction of the tire is small, especially when there is water on the ground.


       6, the brake on the car requirements are higher, the same, the requirements of the driver is relatively high, of course, you can try, but the point brake for the exercise of the road is of little significance.


       7, in the corner, the tire adhesion to the ground has been very small, a little harder brake may cause skidding car.


       Braking (six tips):


       ▲: when the speed of the front wheel brakes must be greater than the intensity of the rear wheel.


       ▲: The speed of the front wheel brakes must not be able to lock the front wheel.


       ▲: Uphill brake, the front wheel brake strength can be appropriate larger.


       ▲: downhill brake, the rear wheel brake strength can be appropriate larger.


       ▲: emergency braking, the braking force is slightly less than the intensity of holding S.


       ▲: slippery road braking, the rear wheel braking before the first.


       (Six Tips) Explanation:


       1, high-speed brake braking force distribution, usually speaking, the speed of 60-90, after the first 6 after 4; 90 above 7 before 3.120 after the first 8 after 2. Depending on the model and road conditions.


       2, high-speed front-wheel lock, on the turn of the bucket.


       3, uphill, the front wheel is higher than the rear wheel, so the front brake can be appropriate to use more force.


       4, the above one in turn.


       5, due to the tire in the lock, the friction will be reduced, the maximum tire friction is about to lock up, but not yet locked the critical point generated.


       6, the difficulty lies in the strength of the control, in the case of low friction, the brake has been used after the brake is mainly used to balance the grip of the two wheels.


       Remind everyone


       No matter what is riding a car


       Whether or not there is ABS


       Never expect


       Get enough brake in the corner


       Well in the corners really need


       Emergency brake how to do?


       Keep in mind


       Your first thing is not braking


       But pull the body





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