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How to exclude the air inside the disc brake system?

The function of the braking system is to obtain the shortest braking distance for the motorcycle in case of emergency so as to ensure driving safety and the faster the braking speed, the higher the sensitivity to the braking device is required. Motorcycle braking system according to the general structure can be divided into drum brakes, disc brakes and disc brakes 3 categories. This article will resolve how to exclude the air inside the disc brake system for motorcycle enthusiasts and maintenance personnel reference.

       When disassembling and disassembling the disc brake system, the air may enter the brake fluid to reduce the braking effect of the hydraulic system. The air in the system should be drained.

       1, the main fuel tank liquid level height generally accounts for about 2/3 of the see-through window, if the liquid volume is insufficient, you can remove the oil storage chamber cover to supplement the selection of brake fluid to the standard score line, and then slowly operating the brake handle until The overflow hole at the bottom of the oil reservoir no longer flies. At this time, remove the dust cover on the oil drain screw, loosen the oil drain screw in the upper part of the piston of the auxiliary cylinder clamp and loosen it, and slowly grasp the brake handle to discharge the air from the gap of the deflation screw , Until the seepage of a small amount of oil; to maintain the grip handle grip position, tighten the deflation screw, and finally repeatedly grasping the brake handle several times to make the normal circulation of oil within the brake system. If the main pump oil reservoir after the above operation to reduce the oil near the lower limit, then add to the upper limit can be. Vice-oil drain screw at no bubble pops up, make sure the air exhausted and then the main tank cover installed.

       2, if the brake fluid whitening deterioration, add new brake fluid to the cylinder. Loosen the upper part of the secondary cylinder bleed screw 2 laps ~ 3 laps, find a medical syringe, one end of the tube set on a suitable diameter transparent hose, the other end into the suction screw on the suction, each suction should be deflated screw Tighten the hose and then remove the oil, and repeated several times. Suction process should be at any time to the main tank to add oil, so as to avoid the lack of oil again into the air. When the old oil is drawn out, new oil will flow out, and when the brake fluid is added to the upper limit of the main window of the main tank, the sealing film and oil storage chamber cover will be returned. Due to corrosive oil, must not be sucking mouth.

       3, in order to ensure the performance of brake fluid and normal use, but also pay attention to the following points

          (1) two different brands of brake fluid can not mix, otherwise it will have stratification, loss of braking effect;

          (2) to prevent the sun and rain and water and mineral oil mixed deterioration;

          (3) the main cylinder cup do not open placed;

          (4) Before using alcohol-type brake fluid, if there is a white precipitate to be filtered and then used again;

          (5) Brake fluid made of organic solvents, volatile and easy to burn, so the operation should be far away from the fire.

       The best choice to add or replace the brake fluid in fine weather, do not use has been pumping brake fluid. Try not to splash the brake fluid on any part of the motorcycle as the brake fluid will corrode the paint and rubber parts and wash them with water once splashed. Do not open the oil cap for a long time to prevent moisture or dust from entering the brake system.

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