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Grasp the vehicle running-in skills and precautions

(1) due to the new car engine parts surface coordination between the adjustment, mutual grinding stage, the larger the amount of wear and tear, running the quality of the quality of the key to the life of the motorcycle. In the run-in period, please strictly enforce the speed limit, load limit, regular maintenance requirements to reduce the engine and transmission parts wear, but also give full play to your new car performance, extend the service life of the vehicle.


       (2) changes in engine speed During the run-in period, the engine speed to change from time to time, the stalls have to run in, the throttle should not be fixed at a certain speed for continuous operation, its purpose is to make all parts load balance. However, the maximum speed must not be exceeded.


       (3) to avoid running the engine at long-term low-speed In the long-term low-speed (light load) operation, low oil pressure, easy to wear parts and easy to fit bad. Run-in period can be linked to the stalls (scooters may be appropriate to join the throttle opening) to accelerate the engine, as long as the maximum speed does not exceed the prescribed. But the first 16OO km, can not use the maximum throttle.


       (4) Before driving, let the oil circulate; during the running-in period, warm up the engine for a sufficient period of idling (3-5 minutes), both before warm-up and cold-state, Flow to all lubrication points.





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