The reason and solution to the bad winter car

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(Summary description)First,thecoldwinterrainandsnowweatherontheenginestartandrunsomeofthenegativefactors:    1.Whentheweatheriscold,theairshrinkagedensitybecomeslarger,resultinginagoodsummercarburetoroilsupplyatthistime,y

The reason and solution to the bad winter car

(Summary description)First,thecoldwinterrainandsnowweatherontheenginestartandrunsomeofthenegativefactors:    1.Whentheweatheriscold,theairshrinkagedensitybecomeslarger,resultinginagoodsummercarburetoroilsupplyatthistime,y

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  • Time of issue:2018-01-23
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First, the cold winter rain and snow weather on the engine start and run some of the negative factors:

       1. When the weather is cold, the air shrinkage density becomes larger, resulting in a good summer carburetor oil supply at this time, you need to re-adjust plus more fuel for the ignition concentration.

       2. When the weather is cold, the gasoline volatilizes very slowly. Even if the carburetor is enriched and open, the fuel flowing into the cylinder drown the spark plug, and the oil concentration in the fuel gas is not enough.

       3. Severe winter rain and snow weather on the engine electronic ignition system extraordinarily large, accidentally wetted for a while where it is difficult to dry, on the start is a major disadvantage.

       4. The start-up voltage of the electronic components becomes larger when the weather is cold, and some igniters that can be normally started in the summer may not be ignited at this time, and the spark plug also needs a higher flashover voltage.

       5. Ordinary batteries in the cold environment can not put electricity, even if the night before enough electricity may not be OK, people who are accustomed to using electric start often 懵 this time.

       6. Conventional lubricants in the cold environment more viscous, cold in the cold morning under the state of great damping, that is, the ignition may not be able to continue to maintain idle speed.

       7. Four-stroke scooter belt mostly linked with the engine, cold state in the morning, that belt is particularly rigid, the engine has a superb damping effect.

       8. At present, the general enrichment device on the carburetor is only able to give more fuel when the cold car is started, and there is no special atomization structure, so it has a limited effect on starting the cold car.

       9. Winter cold locomotive is too cold, the engine and the belt have not yet run heating in place, electric enrichment (electronic damper) has been closed, this time down is difficult to start again.

       10. In harsh outdoor environment, rain and snow will cause the engine, carburetor, muffler - water intake failure, throttle line, brake line, belt - to be frozen

       Second, in view of the above unfavorable factors to start operating practices:

       1 each time the weather is cold to complete the season before the carburetor adjustment, the main oil needle to enhance a grid, the idle speed oil enrichment half a circle, the throttle can be adjusted in advance large points.

       2. The first step with more than a few feet to start the lever, the oil smear to the cylinder wall, you can improve the piston seal, but also can improve the temperature in the point cylinder.

       3. Severe winter rain and snow to pay special attention to the engine electronic ignition protection, as far as possible bandaging bandaged, try to prevent the infiltration of rainwater.

       4. Increase the speed of foot start, if necessary, change the number of turns more charging coil, keep the spark plug clean, reduce the ignition spark plug electrode gap.

       5. As far as possible the car on the room, the conditional use of AC power charging plug; only use the electric start too hanging, we must learn to start the foot.

       6. In the cold winter replaced by a relatively thin oil, cold in the cold before the start of the first step with a few more foot pedal start lever, stirring oil activities together.

       7. cold belt stiff problem more difficult to put the car indoors will be better; if not enrich enough to maintain idle, had to grasp the throttle to warm the car.

       8. Regular locomotive by more step on the pedal start lever, until the engine friction heat can start. The installation of vortex storage vessel, a little to promote the role of vaporized fuel.

       9. Increase the amount of oil hole is often blocked by failure, there is an equalized pressure pump for the acceleration of the vacuum membrane carburetor, speed throttle accelerator to speed up the oil out also have a secondary start.

       10. In cold and rainy conditions, to strengthen the engine, carburetor, muffler - waterproofing measures, throttle lines, brake lines, - to diligently lubricate.

       Third, some special cold winter to deal with the cold start and use of the car's recommendations:

       Do not use hot water pouring: mechanical parts in the cold, the equivalent of hot water pouring cold water destructive, not to mention the watering there is the possibility of freezing and leakage.

       2. Try to keep the locomotive indoors: even if it is not easy to start from the start; let the engine start temperature is not too low, that is, the engine wear protection.

       3. Conditions can add a charging socket on the locomotive, the vehicle downstairs during the night, there is a miniature power to charge and alarm, the next morning you can start electrically.

       4. No condition had no choice but to give up, a lot of exercise with the pedal lever under the engine, straight down to the engine cylinder friction is not cold, it will naturally start.

       5. Conditional access to a hair dryer in the downstairs, start to blow into the engine inlet hot air, the role of hot air, the engine will be relatively easy to start.

       6. DIY ability of the best carburetor on the "electronic damper" into a manual, you can decide the switch according to the circumstances, to avoid the pain can not start.

       7. There is a special cold start with the second atomization of storage containers, if they will not DIY, Pocket perfume bottle on the face of the air filter air intake mad spray gasoline is also OK.

       8. There is a more alternative approach is: plus a pressure capsule, the pressure of the carburetor fuel to the air filter foam up, a super plus enrichment effect.

       9 due to electric heat and thick switch delay caused by downtime is very difficult to start again is very common, if not patiently wait for it to slowly natural recovery, you can try to speed up the pump.

       10. In the severe rain and snow, before starting to try more throttle lines and brake lines, must not penetrate the lack of oil, or halfway on the pipeline was frozen rain can not stop. What's more, there is the possibility of watering and leakage.





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